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Basically everything but Doctor Who/Confidential. But [insanejournal.com profile] autoicons has graciously taken care of that, I figure I can help a brother out with everything else. Party Animals, Sally Lockhart mysteries, candids/events, and Moses Jones. Part 1 because THIS POST IS TOO BIG WTF.

Matt Smith

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So JAKE EPSTEIN. When I saw Spring Awakening on tour, my friend and I stagedoored like the nerds and fangirl and fanboy we are. And Jake Epstein had been playing Melchior. He was wonderful, and passed all my Melchior tests, which I can't say for every guy who's played him. He's quite nice and of course gorgeous in person. My knees were shaking the whole time. XD

Jake Epstein

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Roger Bart.

Sep. 4th, 2009 06:09 pm
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What's not to love about Roger Bart? <3 These are randoms as well as from caps of his appearance on "Desperate Housewives." So there are some crazy eyes going on. (He reminds me of Daniel Day Lewis in some of these shots. Not that it's a bad thing at all, it's just kind of random.)

Roger Bart

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So these are mostly from The Ruins which means there's a lot of :O and ;_; expressions, and at one point, she's covered in blood! The only thing of use to me is the fact that she has a camera (I was so excited, because my Jena Malone PB is a photographer), but she looks so cute in glasses that I hope someone else can use them. There's some other stuff mixed in there at the bottom.

Jena Malone

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Yesssss. So he JUST became a PB for one of my oldest NPCs who, I swear, would never find a PB. But this guy is so close. And not that bad looking, come on. I think he has to be one of Hollywood's best kept secrets. He's going to be in The Mentalist on CBS this fall, which looks pretty great -- like if Psych were played straight.

Simon Baker

'Je suis desolée!' 'Oh, stop. You're not desolée at all. )
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Told you I would have more boys one day! Also spelled Tom Guinness-Taylor, Tom Guinness, Tom Guinness, you just kind of have to pick your favorite spelling and go with it. Another model, but he has the best smile ever. I promise.

Tom Guinness-Taylor

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The second half of the Emma Roberts icon set. She's still kind of cute. ... Too cute sometimes...

Emma Roberts

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Well. I have a lot of icons (read: probably not good for slow connections) of Jena Malone. Nobody should ever need this many, but I made them anyway, because I like to have choices. Not to mention, some pictures of her aren't "Julia" (the character I use her for), but they might be "X" (wherein X is the name of someone else's character. The blatantly not Julia I don't even bother with (like her going blonde. WE GET IT, JENA, YOU'RE EDGY AND VINTAGE NOW GO BACK TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL DARK HAIR). So yes.

Jena Malone

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Straight hair, curly hair, glasses, no glasses, I love her to bits. Eons ago when I began using her for an NPC there was a lack of icons of her without glasses (i.e. non-Everwood pictures, although I love Everwood and refuse to lie about it), so I got mad about it, made my own, and then kept going. So yes. Also, the last icons are capped from the episode of Law and Order: SVU that she's in, but that show is basically shot in the dark with a flashlight, so I did my best.

Sarah Drew

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She is one of my favorite PBs. I only use her for an NPC, but I love her, and I'll tell you why: she's a model and she's very, very pretty, but there are a lot of pictures where she's somewhat normal looking, and - wait for it - she smiles. She has EXPRESSIONS. GASP! Did I mention gorgeous? In Joss Whedon's words, "If I were that beautiful, I'd just be haughty. I'd be such a bitch."

Lindsay Ellingson

And there's heartache without end... )

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